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Women Through Scripture “How does the Torah portray Women?

In this video Brother Akwetey beautifully describes the Yah given influential nature of Hebrew Israelite women through scripture and how it looks in operation, from the lens of our TRUE Hebrew culture, which is NOT whats taught or seen in Christianity, fake jew-ish culture, or ANY religion and culture that has adopted a Greco-Roman thought process. Our goal is to learn of the pure form beautiful flow of our culture, between man, woman, and child…before the waters were muddied. This video is a powerful tool in this goal.


Israelite (Erverh) Women: The Crown of Humanity and Keeper of the Israelite Essence

If you listen to nothing else on this page, THIS is the one you should here. Daughter’s of Zion this nation cannot be built properly without YOU. There is a reason that Moses was instructed to take the Torah to the Israelite Women (House “Beyt” of Israel) FIRST, when it came to establishing a nation after Abba Yahuah’s own desire. It happened that way for a reason THEN, and you are just as instrumental in ushering in the Millennial Reign and final re-establishing of our nation to never be destroyed again. Your work is POWERFUL and NECESSARY for this time. Listen, Position, and fulfill this POWERFUL mission Woman and Daughter of Yah.

The Build and Function of the Woman: BANAH

The audio goes into the specific build, purpose, and function of the woman. Why did Yahuah make you as a woman? HOW did he make you as a woman? What is the meaning of that? What special giftings were you manufactured with, so you better know as a Hebrew Israelite Woman how to better maximize, access, and utilize you function and makeup most effectively. This audio covers many necessary things that have gone unsaid and often misunderstood that causes many men to devalue women and even some women to devalue themselves. To access this powerful audio click the title of the audio above OR the link below.



Women in Church… what does the Scripture Really Say?

Are Hebrew Israelite women supposed to sit quiet and say nothing in church?
Is this the TRUE Hebrew practice?


Are You A Hebrew Israelite or Hebrew Roman?

This question sounds like the answer is OBVIOUS when you hear it put like that. However, when you watch the ways of many of our people, especially the ABC camps and how they “deal with” women, especially, this is not our TRUE Israelite (Erverh) Culture being perpetuated, shown, and promoted, but it is the ways and thought processes we have taken on from our oppressors. This video explains beautifully how being an Israelite Woman is culture for us, but many of our own (knowingly and unknowingly) still falsely seek to treat our culture and nationality, as Israelite Women and Men, like a religion.


Should Hebrew Israelite Women Wear Pants? A True Biblical Perspective Below.

It’s a shame we have to cover such “petty” things when the grand scope of the transition happening in the world is SO dire, but with so many lies and much false information (with an agenda) permeating the atmosphere…it MUST be addressed.

Enlightening video from brother Divine Prospect (as he answers a viewer’s question) reveals that NO ONE either male or female wore “pants” in our ancient culture. The only related garments that men wore were UNDERGARMENTS not OUTERGARMENTS, worn under their clothing to protect their male members (private parts). So, is it okay for Hebrew Israelite women to wear pants? Are modern day pants something that only pertains to a man? Is it okay for women to wear pants are long as she’s not wearing things specifically for men (like boxers, briefs, jockstraps, etc.), to protect what she doesn’t have? Is it okay for her to wear pants as long as she shops in the women section and get pants specifically designed for a woman? And does this even matter? Find out this wise brother’s perspective below:



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