North Korea, China to Attack / Invade United States

North Korea China to Attack Invade United States of America

2 Corinthian 2:11 “Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.”

I had a dream that I was at a home similar to “big ma’s” old home on Wolf Street. Only there was military personnel running all around with guns inside and out, as if they had control of this home and they were using it to carry out their duties.

They kept referring to us as civilians and when I was out on the front porch I had to stay low and by someone’s side who was standing with a gun, as if I had to be protected for something.

It was also as if they were celebrating me for something (which I am unsure what), because the lady standing over me yelled inside the house to others excitedly with an impressed smile,
something to the effect of…”Yeah, this civilian did.”

Others were running out heading in a particular direction with their guns etc. When someone came out of the house in a hurry, unintentionally pointing a gun in an unsafe
manner, it caused a stir and the lady in uniform hollered, “Civilian!” and they adjusted and went past.

While I was crouched down near her on the porch I remember thinking “what’s going
on here?” Then from in the house, as almost an immediate answer to my question, I could hear someone loudly reading the Book of Revelations (I recognized the words from somewhat familiarity) and the lady pretty much told the person reading, “Not to startle the civilian too bad.”

Then out of no where this big dark green tank came around the corner from the front left side. Tall trees were around so it wasn’t seen until it came around the corner…moving VERY fast. Instantly the people
yelled “Korea!” (–it sounded like, but I’m unsure if it’s Korea or china because even though one was yelled in my dream…The feeling in my spirit was that it could be both at some point…just more strongly Korea first.)

Then some of the soldiers ran towards it, they were yelling “Run, run!” and such. But instinctively I was already running. Chaos…

Apparently, unknown to me, it was a lot of other civilians present because as I ran towards the fence I saw some soldiers but A LOT of non-uniformed “regular” people trying to climb and jump the fence. I noticed it was crowded there and that if I did that (what all of them were doing)  I maybe would
not have enough time…So I ran towards the direction of the street and went around the fence. It seemed more risky at first, but it turned out to be the right move as shortly afterward I heard gunshots and screams coming from the people who had decided to climb and jump the fence.

Now, out of nowhere I had my baby in my arms, as if she had been with me all along. I was not familiar with the area, but after getting around the fence I then started running diagonally towards the woods- away from the people, through tall grass and what could have been a crop field.

As I ran, I could here their screams behind, getting further away. I was afraid because I didn’t know whether they were just shooting or if bombs were involved or whether a plane would fly over head and blow up the whole area where I was. Planes WERE flying overhead and I was unsure of their intent.

As I ran towards the woods, there was a path. So i ran up that path and ran into some people on the path who I was suspicious of because they seemed unaware of what all was taking place. They seem to be going on with their daily routine on the path…like “island speed.”


This is NOT the conclusion of the dream, but the rest is personal and should not be revealed. I will be revealing certain dreams, visions and prophecies pertaining to the United States and other nations, as I am shown. But I will not reveal info specifically personal to my family, anything personal to anyone else, or certain things that I am led not to reveal by My Father (The Most High), for whatever His reasons are. It could be timing or anything, but please understand that in obedience this is how TRUE PROPHECY must work. Thank you for understanding!


UPDATE! July 2018

Since the time of this vision there have been many developments. ONE being that Trump and Kim Jong-Un had been in peace talks and for the first time ever Kim visited the US. The media was all over it, even talking about how Trump may be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize because of this. However, this was very short lived. During all of these talks of “peace”, I and some others already knew this was a farse and would fall apart. While this is not yet known to the world, the Asian nations are hurriedly in the process of uniting together…including those who the US refers to as “allies” (meaning the US controls them) of the Asian nations.

North Korean Invasion NOW Starting to be SHOWN in Video like I had Seen in the Dream All of Those Years Ago