The Final Pieces of What was LOST is now Being RETURNED in FULLNESS (Many Won’t Be Ready)


The bible as a book is a valid resource, but we understand that some things in it have been changed to promote OTHER PEOPLE’S ideas, agendas, and cultures. Things that were once very basic, every day information for our black people were HIDDEN and those understandings MUST be re-established and put back into place before the TRUE people can TAKE our place of rulership on this planet and RESTORE what was broken down and PEACE won’t come without it.

The bible is like a SHIRT or THE OUTER SHELL or the outer substance of something that’s MORE. There’s a FORM that’s needed to FILL that shirt, so you can WALK in it and MAKE IT COME ALIVE.

It is NOT enough to know the true ancient people of scripture were black, while everyone STILL unknowingly rolls around in so many FALSE beliefs handed down by the Greeks, etc. Why can’t you see that’s a main root of the discord? Trying to MAKE things apply to black man, woman, and child that was NEVER apart of our ORIGINAL understanding of these things. This thing has stagnated in the sandbox for FAR too long. Many are not in tune with the original spirit and source of All to know, but there’s a mandate taking place (in this hour) that what was LOST (ROBBED, STOLEN, TAKEN), these understandings must be returned TO and IN their fullness.

SOME won’t be ready for the meat, because old things that were lost, now returning can be offensive to your current understanding of things. Do you, but always remember you have your time and the set apart spirit has its time…and the spirit waits on no one. Things will move forward, because they MUST.

Most of the people you’re getting information from NOW, will be a figment of your imagination in a few years. They will become the students needing to re-learn (and there’s nothing wrong with that, as some are already close). Many of them will be GLAD to do so and some will be too prideful. But The Most High Creator of All has gotten us this far and that set apart spirit won’t fail in getting us where we need to be (as individuals and as a whole) as a people. But we must allow it.

Resistance is temporary, what’s TRUE, IS ETERNAL. You should be prayerful. You should be fasting regularly. You should not be eating things or doing things offensive to YOUR spirit OR things that bring harm or destructive pain to another. You should be keeping your heart pure and your hands clean (from wicked deeds)…Anticipating a better relationship and understanding of The Most High and the restoration and RETURN of finishing pieces lost, stolen, and hidden.