“You have antelope who butt heads and Zebras butt heads and they have the luxury of doing that, until surrounded by lions. Then it becomes CLEAR, we are ALL Zebras…maybe we should “run” together.”

– NONE of your “affiliations,” locations (and different nationalities you call yourself), tribes, groups, fraternities, sororities…None if these fragmented identifiers matter as much on the grand scheme of things, as it matters to you individually.

– Your individual group is EASY for a UNITED ENEMY to beat. At the Berlin conference they came together based on ONE THING, “We are “white” and how can we divide up the African (black people) and their resources. We have to defend ourselves on the basis of what we have in common.

– We have to understand we ALL belong to ONE BLACK BODY. Like the brother said in the vid, the simple logic many carry is like if someone punches you in your head, and you say…”Oh, now my hands can’t fight, because they punched me in my head they didnt offend my hand. Only my head can fight back.” WE. ARE. ONE. BODY.

– The last time we did this (came together as one on the basis of being BLACK) was Kemet, and that was successful for over 3,000 years.

– ***Everytime whites have entered  (whether through intermarriage or whatever) it has only meant death and destruction for OUR PEOPLE.***

– The degree to which you find none black people on the continent of Africa, is the degree to which you find invaders on your land.

– This defense starts with the overturning of seemingly simple things and New Policy of operation being implemented among our people. For example, Why are European languages such as French being made mandatory in some African schools when “whites” have been your enemy over 5,000 years? There should be a problem with that. Why is white man’s liquor being bought and used in rituals to our own ancestors? There should be a problem with that. Why are billions from the continent spent every year on European style clothing, to look “white”…There should be a problem with that.

Dr. Obadele Kambon and his family moved to Africa from the states and he’s becoming one of my favorite people (which is a VERY short list and most my favorite people are dead).

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