Top 7 Prophecies of the Kikuyu Tribe of Kenya Africa A Lost Tribe of Ancient Israel Being Fulfilled in OUR Lifetime

Top 7 Prophecies of the Kikuyu Tribe of Kenya Africa A Lost Tribe of Ancient Israel Being Fulfilled in OUR Lifetime


Here are 5 prophecies of the Kikuyu Tribe of Kenya, East Africa, that are being fulfilled in our lifetime. The Kikuyu Tribe are a natural root of true ancient Israelites, and direct descendants of (who we call today) Moses from the Tribe of Levi.


Many do not know, that most of those in Sub Saharan Africa today are direct descendants of the Ancient Israelites of Scripture, which includes those spread during the TransAtlantic Slave Trade.

They (the Kikuyu Tribe of Mount Kenya, which is also seen as the REAL Mount Zion) are also scheduled to begin opening the ancient scrolls of Moses, which they have in their possession and revealing to us what ancient language the scrolls were written in, as well as connecting us back to the essence and roots of our power and Creator by revealing more hidden treasure to us that was preserved just for this time.

As many have awakened now to who we are…But much of what they have to reveal will put many of our present disagreements, and question marks to rest, and allow us to more so, get on one accord (those who will).


  1. They are Expecting our Return (the African diaspora and Specifically those Taken on the Transatlantic Slave Trade) to Uncover more Truths of our African Hidden Treasures and Identity:


As Judah, the King tribe returns, we can help them with our resources, light a fire under them with our edge, and information and fortitude to build and develop.


OUR people around the globe are Nation Builders.


We are the natural nation builders of this planet.


Whenever Europeans needed to start their lands off with a great thrust, they KNEW they had to get the original nation builders of the planet to start it on the back of, and America and other European and White Supremacist cultures are ONLY being upheld by the misuse and subjugation of our people, but that is QUICKLY coming to an end as our people are now willingly returning our treasure to connect the pieces, where it belongs, with our people on the continent.


We are instrumental in reviving the spirit of Nation Building and “CAN DO It-tiveness” within our people on the continent of Africa.


We also complete a missing part of the picture, a longing, an ancient void that needed filling as they had their loved ones ripped from their arms and separated some 400+ years ago…


Not knowing if they were dead or alive.


Going through the door of no return expecting never to see them again.


Now, here we are.


The brothers, sisters, cousins, daughters, sons, mothers and fathers are returning and even though we now, look, walk, and talk a little different and oh so much was lost…There is STILL so much more to be gained from our union than EVER was lost.


Romans 8:18

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.


They (our African Israelite brothers and sisters) help us by allowing (those of us who need to) see the ease of doing business, as in African countries TODAY you may see a need, but tomorrow you may see someone has opened shop to fulfill that need.


They will aid us and the world in knowing who we ARE, as the true ancient Israelites and original man and woman of this planet.


Romans 8:19

For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God.



The unity of BOTH coming together completes the other and is instrumental in the RISE of the ancient but improved kingdoms and empires, black worldwide rulership NATION of our people.

The true Israelites, and people of scripture.


2. They Say, Black Americans were Sent to America to Be Setup to Rule the World in this New Age:


This makes sense, since most of the dispersed during the Transatlantic Slave Trade was of the Tribe of Judah- The King Tribe.


This does not necessarily mean the world will be RULED from the Americas, just that those taken on the Transatlantic Slave Trade, specifically to the States will be very instrumental in helping the black rulership planet, be re-established.


This may be why the enemy fights them / us so hard in this hour. Those taken in the Transatlantic Slave Trade were among the group of Shemetic Africans, who lost everything to a much greater extent even than of those who were able to remain on the continent of Africa.


It would make sense, since Yahusha the Messiah himself was of the tribe of Judah, if some from the Tribe of the greatest turmoil, trauma, and destruction at the hands of whites, was very honored and instrumental in the building and re-establishment of black rulership of this world.


You can already see how it shapes up in so many different ways and forms, for good and for bad, the world follows our trends.


One of the BEST things that has happened from that, is that as Judah rose up in the states and began proclaiming who we are, as Israelites…It caused a reverberation from the rest of Judah and the other 11 tribes worldwide to now step forward and proclaim who we are.


A VERY NECESSARY piece of that puzzle is our African brothers and sisters on the continent who are awakening and able to provide more and more indisputable evidence from our ancient African history and treasure (like the scrolls of Moses and more, potentially being found with the Kikuyu Tribe of Kenya), to further complete the picture for us.


Also, us black Americans know the ways of whites through and through, and we can keep our brothers and sisters (who desire it) from being deceived by their wolf in minister clothing, sleight of hand any longer (on the continent doing missionary work, etc. pretending to help, but causing underhanded instabilities and death to the people through their vaccines and teachings).


3. The American System will Completely be Over by 2035


Even world-renowned financial guru, business owner, and investor Robert Kiyosaki says:


“the dollar (fiat money), will be replaced with gold and cryptocurrency by 2040.”


He also says there 3 kinds of money:

  • There’s Yah’s Money: These are things like Gold, Silver, etc.
  • There’s Fiat Money: Which is Paper Money notes, or fake money, like the USD dollar bills we spend
  • There’s also what he calls “internet money.” This is what he refers to cryptocurrency as, but I would argue that it is swiftly becoming a part of our everyday lives, in the real world and will be used in that arena more and more as time goes by.


Which 2 kinds of money does Robert Kiyosaki say will still be around in the year 2040?


Of course Yah’s money, the gold, and silver, and such, but also cryptocurrency.


He says the American System, and fiat money (the US Dollar), will be over and done with by 2040.




4. When the American System Falls POWERFUL Black Kingdoms Will Be Positioned to Rise


2 Esdras 6:9

“For Esau is the end of the world, and Jacob is the beginning of it that followeth.”


5. For the Youth: Those under 5 Years Old Now (in 2017-2018) Will be our Greatest Leaders by 2050, and Those Older Children Will also Help to Train them to be those Great Leaders of Tomorrow


To me, this is saying that there are different levels to this thing. This is not saying that any one part that anyone is playing right now is less important than the other.


It’s all an intricate part.

This is saying that we are building a skyscraper and in the building of the skyscraper there are those of us who come along who must lay the foundation.


We are STILL heavily involved in the “fight” where we are facing much resistance (which Yah is dealing with by the way), and building this skyscraper brick by brick.


What this is saying to me is that, by the time our little ones are adults, the multitude of “skyscrapers” will be in place.


The heaviest lifting and struggle will be gone and then will be the ease of access to just SIT in the present glory, without having to build so actively, like we are now.


To me, this is also a reference to the fact that a lot of the older generations and YES, by older I mean even 25 and up, have picked up many ways of Babylon and these Europeans that will be hard for many to let go of…it’s more deeply rooted and engrained into who they are.


Many of us, can remember being in Christianity, (or being a Muslim), celebrating Christmas and other pagan holidays with our families, etc. A lot of us, were / ARE the first generation to turn away from these things and for many, it’s a fight.


It’s not just an internal fight, but in some cases, it’s a fight with the family who just doesn’t understand your “disloyalty” to go against your “good” upbringing.


Many of US have, had to be that FIRST GENERATION to decide to change OUR LINEAGE for Yah, forever. Many of us had to be the FIRST GENERATION to set ourselves apart from our families, friends, the cultures of where we grew up, etc. in this “drastic” way.


We’ve had to learn a lot, and fast.


Yah has blessed many of us with a special hunger for Him and equipped us with the things that we needed for this time, knowing it would come.


Of all of the hurdles, we have had to jump across and through and free ourselves from in the bondage of these white supremacist systems…


Think about it…


Many of our children, under 5, have never been involved in the pagan days, etc. Many of our children, under 5, are growing up (from an early age) in the Yah given knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of who we are.


Many of them have NEVER bowed on knee to Baal. Halleluyah. Because someone, most likely you, laid the brick, fought hard against all adversity and outside pressure, to change the trajectory of your lineage…Forever.


1 Kings 19:18

Yet I have preserved me seven thousand in Israel, who have never bowed down to Baal or kissed him!”


6. No More Black on Black Crime of ANY Kind


I don’t remember the exact year, but soon enough and in our lifetime ALL black people will be awakened to our higher selves and remember who we are and honor and respect the divinity (YAH), in each other and not commit crimes against each other, which would be the same as committing a crime against The Most High. So all black on black crime will cease.


7. The Kikuyu Tribe Seers Say: China Says that a Black Nation Will Arise that Will Bring Problems to the Chinese Man in Africa.


All ancient cultures have prophecies that they are expecting and looking to come to past, in these times. The prophecies of a land is NOT something that all the people of that land are privy to, but most of the “elites” and/or those specifically designated to gather or carry such information.


Who teaches the top Chinese monks?


It long said of the Great Seers of the Kikuyu Tribe of Mount Kenya, the Real Mount Zion, that the top Asian and Chinese monks come there to Mount Kenya in Africa to train and learn the ancient wisdom of the only people on the planet who hold it naturally form antiquity (black people), and then they take that ancient knowledge and wisdom back to their people and are regarded as the wise men, but their people do not know that they are stealing away time to go and train and learn at the feet of black African People, who (of this branch) just so happen to also be a natural root of the true Hebrew Israelites. Even though this may be true, with the racism that goes on again black people in China, I’m sure they would hate for their people to know the truth of where their wise men are getting their wisdoms and understandings.


This prophecy was very interesting, especially considering the fact that China has been trying to build such a stronghold in Africa.


They are actively colonizing Africa as we speak.


The men are marrying and making babies with many African women, they are setting up large deals and investments throughout the continent, they have stakes in oil, they own a lot of land and business on the continent of Africa, etc.


However, it has recently come to the forefront (for our people who were blind to the fact) of how blacks are treated in China.


Pretty much, a black person cannot own land there (in China), you can’t seek employment (get a job) there, you can’t start a business, etc.


NOW, with as OPEN as African countries have been in welcoming everyone else in…they are starting to shift and realize they have not only allowed themselves to be colonized by the whites, but also by the Asians / Chinese, and Indians…


They are starting to realize their value and that they have MUCH (the most on the planet) to protect.


They are saying it’s time for a change and I am hearing the groanings of them saying not only do they need to get the whites (who are not accepting of black rulership) out of their land and take the land back from them, which they stole, but they are also considering dealing with China in equal measure of saying,


“If we can’t own land in China, then you can’t own land here.” etc.


On a low level (not among those in positions of governmental power yet), I am seeing these rumblings already begin to take shape…It should be interesting.